Closed for Two Games

Hey folks.

I’m taking some quality PTO which you may follow on Instagram. In the meantime, you’ll have to suffer two weeks without trash talking. In fairness, if there’s any suffering to be had, it’ll be defensively.

FTFO and hope on my travels I get the requisite wifi to enjoy the games.



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3 Responses to Closed for Two Games

  1. Greg Katz

    Where are your travels taking you? No matter where, always be proud to wear an SC hat, T shirt, slippahs….

  2. Tom M

    I wore my Arrogant Nation shirt today. It felt right. I am heartbroken about our coach, but i know that better times are coming. How awesome will it be when we beat ND on Saturday. Sark didn’t get it right, but he could have said FTFO. That is all you.

    I will wait for your next post, but i am pumped for Saturday. I know you will tell us the same thing.

  3. Colin

    I need to get a job where my two weeks PTO lasts til thanksgiving!

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