The Ballad of Cutty Sark and #drunkgate

My Twitter started blowing up. “Dude, Sark got drunk and said your line at Salute to Troy!” Whether I invented Fight The Fuck On or the band did, it doesn’t matter, we both celebrated the attitude. Fight On has a very triumphant storming a beach vibe to it, in fact, Conquest I think was from a 40s war film.

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The sentiment of #FTFO has far more in common with a broken bottle, bar fight than it does with storming a beach. That’s for football. FTFO is for the fans, the students, the alumni who go to a school everyone hates and then had to suffer through a witch hunt (complete with Joan of Arc attempted burning at the stake). It’s a total middle finger to people who still think USC somehow “cheated” but are totally down to watch Cam Newton sell us Protein Oikos on Sundays.


So when Sark gets drunk and says Fight The Fuck On at an event intended to fire up our boosters, do we really need to get all Bill Plaschke here and try to send him to AA? Is it possible he just loves the school and the fans and got caught up? Is it possible he listens to the students or read this blog back in the day, especially when I was bombing on him and comparing Layla Kiffin to his now ex-wife?

Homie pulled a drunk Howard Dean and the world is PRAYING this becomes #drunkgate for no reason at all. For once can someone just get killed with a gate so we can have #gategate? Too much to ask?


Folks. I get annoyed a lot of times when people take the argument that we’ve become too sensitive as a society when we get pissed about things we should get pissed at, say like the Confederate Flag as an official symbol of a state (I’m not talking about your right to wear it or fly it at home, do what you want and prepare to have your free speech met with others’ free speech back – that’s freedom).

But I definitely think we’ve become “news obsessed” – because really this is so silly. A college football coach got drunk and made an ass of himself. His players are underage. It was in bad taste. He got shamed by his AD. He had to apologize. Shouldn’t that be the end of it?

Am I thrilled Sark was drunk and came off like a freshman who underestimated the strength of some high proof jungle juice? No. I’m not. He should hold his liquor. He should know his limits.


But you get Plaschke comparing what happened the other night to incidents where coaches have been arrested. Sark did nothing but hurt his public image. He got no DUI. He didn’t cover up a player’s crime. He didn’t get caught being an adulterer. He didn’t hurt anyone.

Why is this such big news?

I know the answer is that it’s more interesting than the constant Jim Mora Twitter deleting, but is it actually much worse?

Plaschke invoking Gary Moeller is pure insanity. Moeller punched a cop. HE PUNCHED A POLICE OFFICER. He had alcohol poisoning. It was a violent, loud and illegal shitshow.

What did Sark do again? Have too heavy a pour of Shiraz and say what we’re all thinking? That everyone else in the Pac 12 sucks and then drop an F bomb? Look like a dumb, lush in front of alumni that will donate anyway?


I’ve heard some fans, the very traditional ones, say this will hurt us in recruiting. If that’s your concern, we might as well start wearing goofy alternate uniforms (we still may) because recruits supposedly like those too. Truth be told, high school seniors know a lot about drinking too much, talking shit and having to apologize. They relate to that more than Jim Mora being confused by Twitter. Mora probably think Snapchat is a term for Broadway musical choreography.


Stop twisting it. Recruits and boosters care about one thing: WINNING. With a capital everything.

If they care about other things, it’s playing on TV. It’s playing for a school that puts people in the NFL. It’s good weather and good looking co-eds.

I think we’re fine.

It’s bad Sark made an ass of himself. He set a bad example. And now he has press giving him hell and he got yelled at by his boss. This happens at company parties and happy hours all the time. I get that these are students, but they aren’t angels. They probably laughed. In the end, let’s stop calling them students and let’s stop calling this amateur. This is a pro sport and no one deflated footballs here.

Relax. Newspapers are hurting for business. Don’t let them twist your booster knickers into a knot. When he starts coaching drunk, I’ll worry. Unless we win.

See what I mean?







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14 Responses to The Ballad of Cutty Sark and #drunkgate

  1. Helen Of Troy

    Love you kid! You’re hell with a pen! #FTFO

  2. Andy

    Well said; I’ve been saying the same thing all weekend — who cares? Only the media and only because we’re better than the rest. #FTFO

  3. A-Lo

    Finally a sane and succinct assessment of Cutty Sark. #FTFO

  4. Brent

    Oh man this was awesome. Longtime Bachcap reader and I might also be your evil twin. (LA Galaxy supporter, Arsenal Fan, Ohio State Grad) I for one love that Sark got hammered and and said FTFO. I picked USC for the playoff this year and they need some fire at the helm. All the Gates are retarded just like Ohio State got screwed with TatGate and yes even Penn State got screwed (no pun), USC got completely shafted with the sactions a few years ago. It does seem like USC cant start a season without some sort of drama. All I can say is I feel your pain. OSU has 5 starters suspended for the 1st game of the season on the road against Va Tech and TatGate cost us Jim Tressle. Look at the bright side. If Sark gets sacked…maybe SC will get a Urban Meyer. Lol

  5. JB

    On point, as usual.
    “See what I mean?”

  6. Wally Stuebner

    Fight On Make Troy Great Again!!!!!!!!

  7. Matt Golden

    All bow to Wikipedia…With generous pruning for ease of consumption…

    “Captain from Castile is a historical adventure film released by 20th Century Fox in 1947….The film describes the protagonist’s persecution at the hands of the Spanish Inquisition and his escape to the New World to join Hernán Cortés in an expedition to conquer Mexico.”

    “The lively musical score was composed by Alfred Newman. Newman bestowed the rights to the film’s spectacular march to the University of Southern California to use as theme music for the school’s football team. Popularly known as “Conquest,” the march is regularly performed by its marching band, the Spirit of Troy as a victory march.”

  8. Wizzywhirl

    Thank you for the sanity. I was at the event, which though attended by 2,500 people, was basically a rally to get the Trojan faithful enthused about the coming football season. The public and the press were not invited so I don’t think a public apology was necessary (at most a private talking to). I couldn’t be prouder of the speech made by Cody Kessler or of any of the Trojan Warriors on the stage Saturday night. We have stuck together and come out alive and well when many were ready to play a requiem dirge for USC. We don’t have to apologize to anyone for being proud and arrogant. FIGHT ON!

  9. Gnossos

    In my younger days I was a Chivas man, now any good Bear Bourbon will do.
    As always Hunter, well done, FTFO!

  10. Bilbo the Tenor

    “Fucking Fight On!” is not “Fight The Fuck On!” but fuck it, FFO is in.

  11. elegallyblond

    New hash tag #FTFO! On point and brilliant as always, thanks!

  12. Aorta

    I suspect that the difference between a Pac 12 Championship season in which the Trojans handily beat ND and UCLA, and a good, 9-win, runner-up type season, will be the team’s constructive use of its anger and frustration against the unequal treatment USC has received at the hands of the malevolent NCAA. The team’s Chief Motivation Officer is Coach Sark, and my guess is he will use this latest, little rebuke to stay angry- and focused on the football field. Being completely sober should help. I doubt his players care about it. Look for a highly-motivated Trojan team that supports its CMO. Arrogant Nation Lives!!!

  13. ldytrjn

    Since I first heard about this story, I knew it was overblown. The face that people are still making a big deal about is baffling. I’ve heard children say worse. Let those of us who never said a team “we’re” playing sucks, drunk or sober, cast the first stone.

    …And not to be “that guy” but the band has been saying FTFo since at least the ’90s. Credit where credit is due and all.

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