The NCAA is a house of cards.  If you ever, ever questioned that, stop doing so and stop doing so yesterday. We’re finding out the NCAA is going to start returning scholarships back to Penn State, the school that covered up mass child raping that went on in their own locker rooms.

There’s been plenty of discussion of whether this should have been a sanctionable offense and if all the bourbon left me some memory cells, I recall my opinion is that when the severe “crimes” cited by the NCAA in most sanctions-worthy cases are “failure to monitor” and “lack of institutional control”, they apply in some way to Penn State.

I mean, they failed to monitor a horrific amount of child rape going on in their own locker room by their own coaches and pretty much covered it up for the sake of playing football, which for me, is lack of institutional control.

Since this case, and more appropriately the swinging death axe that is the Ed O’Bannon lawsuit (Go Bruins! just this once) and with the APU (all players unite) movement starting, the NCAA has largely been a paper tiger.  The Johnny Manziel suspension of “one-half” was ridiculous, both in that a player can’t sell his own autograph, but also in that it totally violates the NCAA’s bullshit rules, yet it barely was prosecuted.

How did the Cam Newton case go away in the time it took to prep for the bowl game. Same with the Terrelle Pryor situation.  Wrapped up fast, just in time for everyone to cash in on the bowl.

The NCAA is the dude from Office Space who gets fired and makes a Jump to Conclusions mat.  They are claiming they are “a people person” protecting amateurs, but in reality they only protect themselves.

With the noose tightening, with EA going at their college football game alone now, free to make deals with each school, you have to wonder about the NCAA and how fucking terrified they are.

They’ve pulled out of their big video game.  They’ve stopped selling players’ jerseys on their website (which is amazing that an organization built in the support of amateurism sells amateurs memorabilia while making it illegal for amateurs to sell their own memorabilia).  Basically, these guys are pulling out of ANYTHING that makes them look like what they are:  people persons that are hated by most people.

I don’t care if USC gets any scholarships back.  Really, at this point, we’re the heroes.  When you look at this, when you look at how it is shaking out, you realize that whenever it is we win our next national title, the stories will be ready.  “USC, who got the worst deal, the deal that first called into question at a massive level if the NCAA had any due process of sanctioning schools, has won a national title despite the best efforts of their governing body to murder them”.

Fuck their charity, refuse their shitty offer assuming one ever came, which it won’t.

To admit the obvious, that USC’s potential wrist slap ended up being a drone strike while we were asleep, would be to admit that the NCAA acted out of malice.  It would be to admit they put the now-deceased Paul Dee in charge of our witch hunt even though he was the AD of a Miami school that is still waiting for rulings on a decade’s worth of cocaine yachts, booster sponsored abortions and gifts, all caught on photo and sponsored by a man who got to run out of the tunnel with the team.

It’s about money, guys.  Shame on you reporters who claim the USC sanctions and Penn State sanctions are apples and oranges.  They are rotten fruit distributed by the same supermarket.

USC “should have known” that Reggie Bush was taking money from someone not based in Los Angeles or affiliated with USC in any way and despite total lack of evidence (see the Todd McNair anti-defamation lawsuit that he won in appellate court and now the NCAA has appealed to delay the inevitable).  The judge found the pursuit of McNair to be “malicious” and basically confirm why the process took so long to sanction us.  They had nothing, they acted maliciously to create proof they did and then when they felt like they’d get away with it, they punished us for being arrogant about calling their bluff.


We got the worst sanctions of the era and I made money creating Arrogant Nation.  Thanks for my BMW, NCAA!

Meanwhile, Oregon pays for a “recruiting service” that has no service beyond influence with Texas players like Lache Seastrunk and LaMichael James.  The NCAA rejects Oregon’s “settlement” basically saying you did way worse than what you are proposing self-sanctions for…  Then…  A year later…

A wrist slap and a “failure to monitor” charge, even though it seems impossible to fail to monitor someone you actively pay to help with recruiting.  Failure to monitor sounds like what USC should have gotten. We failed to monitor the actions between an ex-con in San Diego with no USC ties and a player’s family.  Fine.

You can’t go apples to apples on any of this because it’s all rotten fruit and the NCAA couldn’t define what an apple was if you dropped it in Washington State with a map and a drawing of a Red Delicious.

They are trying to take the heat off and I am certainly not trying to turn the heat up.  I think they are a braindead ponzi scheme and they are incapable of saving themselves.  All we have to do is wait.  It was unfortunate that our success as a football program delayed the time it took for the world to embrace the reality that we were over-penalized.  I live in fucking Oregon.  Most of the fans I meet here agree.  They now know that USC got a raw deal, even if they were glad we did.

The NCAA lost the war, but there are still battles going on and hypocrite zombies to behead.  Instead of the Bearfighter suggesting outrage over Penn State getting reduced sanctions, I humbly suggest you enjoy the show.

What you are seeing is an organization so afraid of another lawsuit that they are reducing their penalties on a school that literally harbored a decade of child rape by a coach and then former coach in their own player locker room, in the showers the team still showers in.

When you apologize to a school that got in trouble for that, you get a clear picture of where the NCAA is at.  They can’t be sued again and it’s not just about the money.  It’s about unsealing documents.  It’s about the world pulling back the curtain and seeing that these people have no process.  They have no continuity.  There aren’t standards despite what they may tell you.

I am happy for Penn State today because they have joined the battle with USC.  Any time the NCAA overextends itself, it leaves itself exposed and they are not smart enough or just enough to protect themselves from a vicious counter.

Light a cigar, pour a bourbon and revel in the sounds of the breaking wood as the tree begins to fall.

If you agree, share this post.  I don’t care what they do.  I’m just enjoying watching them struggle and expose themselves further.  They spilled the gasoline on themselves trying to protect their assets.  They are about to light their asses on fire.






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  1. Win4Ever

    As a Trojan fan, I’m of course as outraged as the day the NCAA sanctions were announced in 2010…maybe even more so. We have a new president, AD, coach and have changed some policies. Yet, that’s not good enough for the NCAA. However, what concerns me the most is the message the NCAA is sending: “Covering up child rape to protect a football team is kind of bad, but not nearly as repugnant as being unaware that one of your players is taking money from an agent.”

  2. Pete Carroll

    BRING BACK Mike Garrett!

  3. Donald Seiler

    This is the letter I’ve been flooding the NCAA and others.

    To:​The National Collegiate Athletic Association
    700 W. Washington Street
    P.O. Box 6222
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-6222
    Phone: 317/917-6222
    Fax: 317/917-6888


    ​ I am writing on behalf of the University of Southern California, regarding the unprecedented sanctions that were levied on the USC Football Team. I have for years questioned the severity of these sanctions, and have written to you in the past regarding them, with no response.

    ​Over the last few years I have seen schools violate the “rules” of the NCAA and receive little to no real sanctions:
    Ohio State “tattoo gate” – Players allowed to play in a bowl game who were ineligible.
    Auburn/Cam Newton – Player paid to play at a University, but was cleared before ever having to sit a game, because the player didn’t know that the dad shopped him.
    Oregon – Paid a “recruiting service” for players and outdated information, and they lose one scholarship per year
    Miami – Booster paying thousands of dollars, prostitutes, clothing, transportation, parties etc. and nothing has happened (other than the NCAA mucking up the whole investigation so that Miami will most likely be cleared)
    Texas A&M/Johnny Manziel – Player paid for autographs (a true violation of NCAA rules) and had to sit for ONE HALF.

    ​The one school that did get severe penalties was Penn St. They had a staff member molesting young children and the University covered it up for DECADES. They certainly deserved to get hit hard with sanctions. Now I have read that the NCAA is reducing their sanctions “Due to Penn State University’s continued progress toward ensuring athletics integrity”. This has once again brought to the forefront the unfair treatment that USC has received by your organization.

    ​So once again I write to you, asking why the University of Southern California’s sanctions should not be immediately reduced/removed. The University has done nothing but comply with the NCAA. They have met or exceeded every recommendation or noted deficiency in the NCAA Committee’s report. If you as an organization cannot see the disparity between the treatments of various universities, I question your ability to govern. A USC football player takes a ride across campus in a golf cart… one game suspension. A player sells thousands of autographs, he sits a half.

    ​I hope that you read this letter and take appropriate measures to rectify the situation. If not to correct the flagrant unfairness of the treatment to the University of Southern California, at least in the appearance of fairness to the people who support and pay for the sport that affords your salaries.

  4. Joe

    I think we need to get our facts correct before throwing out outlandish and unfounded statements. Jerry Sandusky abused young boys. That is a tragedy and a horror. He is one man. Members of the clergy have been found guilty of abusing young boys and that is a tragedy. There has been cited instances of abuse of young scouts in the Boy Scout program. That is a tragedy. Those are CRIMINAL charges and should be dealt with in a court of law, AS IT WAS WITH SANDUSKY. At this time, there is NO evidence or proof of a coverup by PSU administrators. A trial in the near future may reveal more. As for Joe Paterno, he is the only one who did the right thing, as he reported the HERESAY he received from one of his coaches to the head of the University police and the director of athletics. He is also directed the witness to do the same and followed up a week later to see that the report was made. Some coverup artist, as at least 10 people knew of the incident within a few days due to Paterno’s actions. So stop and get your facts straight. Stop making unfounded allegations and do your homework.

    • admin

      There’s nothing unfounded about it, but worse, you missed the point of the article. I am glad their sanctions are reduced, but this isn’t about PSU and frankly you have a “he doth protest too much” vibe. There is plenty of evidence that PSU covered this up or blatantly failed to monitor if you are comparing it to the USC case, where the only evidence they tried to cite was just shot down in appellate court regarding Todd McNair. My facts are straight whether you like it or not. The fact is the NCAA does what it wants regardless of fact.

      That said, I don’t have an idea why PSU fans continue to defend what went on here. At all. The fact that Paterno, the school, everyone involved didn’t see this, scream bloody murder, until they were heard is because football = $.

      • HeliGeorge

        When you have a money focus website talking about PSU and the reduced sanctions you can only point in one direction, this was about money…

    • Win4Ever

      Let’s, for a moment, reject logic and consider that PSU was not involved in a cover-up.
      USC got in trouble for not seeing and reporting Reggie Bush’s father receiving $ in San Diego.
      Penn State got in trouble for not seeing and reporting child rape IN THEIR OWN SHOWERS ON CAMPUS.
      Please, Joe, don’t pull an “apples and oranges” move on something that is “apples and child rape.”

        • Win4Ever


          On an unrelated note, I just found this gem:

          This is what happens when a team beats USC. Remember, USC was just barely on the cusp of the top 25 sitting literally at #25 before the Wazzu game. My point is this: USC could be the bottom of the barrel in any conference, and everyone will stay hate us and want to be us…whoops, Freudian slip…I mean everyone wants to BEAT us. Those silly Washington State “opportunistic older women that could very well pay for lots of cool things if I play my cards right.”

  5. George

    Wow, some interesting developments. Read some of the comments here:

    And Haden finally decides to fight back. His statement basically amounts to “we talked and we might get some scholarships back.”

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