Fuck Cancer and Help Tabby Leave It On The Road.

Cancer is a subject we’ve spent more time than we should have to talking about on this blog.  It’s in all of our lives.  I pretty much brought all of my readers along with me when I faced it for the second time.

I promised that I would do more this time around.  More than donating to research.  More than having heartfelt email exchanges and phone calls with readers and friends (same thing in my book) comparing experiences or giving advice.  Part of that is pointing your attention at projects that deserve your attention and support.


My friend and co-worker Mike Tabtabai is an accomplished Creative Director and cyclist.  Like many of us, cancer has touched his family.  What’s amazing is what “Tabby” is doing about it.  He’s fused his creative energy and his love of riding to form Leave It On The Road.   In their words, LIOTR is:

On June 17, 2013 Michael Tabtabai and Andrew Hudon will ride 3,450 miles in 24 days from Oregon to Massachusetts to raise funds and awareness for the fight against colon cancer. We will challenge ourselves. We’ll share the stories of what it’s like to attempt a ride of this scale. And all of the pain that cancer has caused us… we’ll be leaving that on the road.

It’s just that simple and also that ridiculously hard.  The amount of support for the journey is incredible, but knowing how much this blog’s readers were there for me, I am asking that you be there for Tabby as well.

We’ve worked together at three agencies in two states now, I’ve gotten to win some awards on projects he lead creatively and he’s a blast to have a bourbon with.  When he’s not working a grueling schedule as a creative leader at an agency that has won Global Creative Agency of the Year two years running, he’s biking hundreds of miles and putting in countless hours lining up sponsors and raising awareness for this cathartic and important trek.


I am so damn loud about the things I do, I appreciate the thought of the quiet hours Tabby has put in on the road or on the rollers he has set up in his house.  I’ve run a good amount of distance races and I understand something happens out there between you, yourself and I.  What’s amazing about LIOTR is that it’s taken to such an extreme.  The message literally will go across the entire country and everyone who comes across it has time to reflect and notice and hopefully, donate.

So here’s what I am asking.  DONATE whatever you can to raise some money for colon cancer.  Send THE WEBSITE to everyone you know.  Then tune in as they head out and leave it on the road.  It’s a tax write off and you are doing your part to fight something none of us will get to avoid until we beat it.  Take it from a 2x survivor.  Anytime someone goes big and does something to raise money, they are saving YOUR life.  You may not realize it, but that’s what’s going on.  Help these guys save some lives and raise some awareness.


We’re literally saying goodbye to him today and god knows what he’ll see between now and then.  I will say no matter what, he’ll have done a lot of good.  Trust me, on a ride this long, every donation large or small will serve as motivation when the days get long and the miles get unnerving.

So, enough.  DONATE right now and let me know you did.




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2 Responses to Fuck Cancer and Help Tabby Leave It On The Road.

  1. Nick

    Donation . Check.

    Having lost 4 family members and seeing my best friend’s younger brother pass away from non-hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2007, it is my pleasure to support yet another great cause in the fight against a truly horrible disease.

    And hear I thought the only connection we had was as fellow USC Alumni (class of ’00 here), members of the Greek system, and die-hard USC football fans. Now I read that you are living in my hometown of Portland!! Born and raised there until I moved to LA in 1996.

    Your blog is hilarious and a must-read for me. Keep the arrogant, yet comedic words flowing!

    – Nick

    P.S. let me know if you and The Mrs. need a dentist in Portland. My Dad’s been practicing there for 37 years now.

  2. Going on and donating as a mama of a two year old who was just diagnosed with ALL type B leukemia on may 5 I support all cancer fundraising even w something small. I read your blog for the Bachcaps it’s my only stepping out of reality for some humor and mama break time my husband thinks I am nuts when we drive home from our commute from kaiser sunset Los Angeles to San dimas as he hears me cackling because I’m reading your Bachcap!!!
    Your blog is the only reason why I continue to watch the show!!! Keep up the hilarious posts and know its helping this mama out!! Check out our site if you’re interested in a five dollar bracelet for our daughter too!

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