12 Responses to Cal’s New Logo Slays.

  1. Shaina

    My brother, a UC Riverside student, remarked that it looks like an aerial view of a flushing toilet. And here I was, thinking it looked like a Flash loading bar…

    Once I saw the toilet, I couldn’t unsee it.

  2. Xavier Guidry

    It looks like a loading screen. You know, the loop that never catches itself!

  3. J

    waits for logo to finish loading…

  4. It’s very Saturday morning on PBS in the mid-80s-esque.

  5. Ellendale

    This new logo is UCDOA.

  6. Ellendale

    This new design is UCDOA.

  7. Ellendale Place


  8. Ellendale Place

    Sorry, Bearfighter, First time commenter, Please delete the re-posts. Thought there was a problem on my end.

  9. EM

    just for the record – UC students basically revolted, and the UC admin canned the idea, being the only people in the entire world who thought this was somehow acceptable.

  10. Brandon

    LOL Barkley’s final play of his entire college career was getting smashed into the Rose Bowl turf. I love it!

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